Bio-Path is developing RNAi nanoparticle drugs for some of the most lethal blood cancers and solid tumors. The company’s anticancer drug candidates target the expression of proteins that have been implicated in cancer cell growth and resistance to chemotherapy. Inhibition of these proteins may prove to be a low-toxicity approach to treating patients who would not historically be eligible for anticancer therapies because of their age or other comorbidities or whose cancers are unresponsive to standard treatment approaches. For more information on prexigebersen (Liposomal Grb2), our lead candidate in clinical testing for acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), or our other candidates, please refer to our Pipeline.

Company Highlights

  • Proprietary antisense and liposome delivery technology breakthrough for DNA drugs, potentially solving the challenges of delivering these molecules directly to target cells without side effects
  • Original technology licensed from The MD Anderson Cancer Center. Company maintains strong relationship with the Cancer Center
  • Strong IP position with composition of matter and method patents for antisense targets and manufacturing
  • Lead product candidate, prexigebersen (Liposomal Grb2) formerly BP1001, in the clinic for blood cancers and in development for solid tumors. Second product candidate, BP1002 (Liposomal Bcl2) is IND-ready
  • Promising clinical data for BP1001 shows that the drug has been well tolerated with possible anti-leukemic effects, including patients stabilizing for extended treatment
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