A new path in DNA-powered medicine.

An oncology-focused biotechnology company leveraging its innovative DNAbilize® platform technology to deliver DNA therapeutics directly to cancer cells

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Giving Previously Untreatable Cancer Patients a Fighting Chance

We are developing targeted cancer treatments that offer effective therapy without harsh side effects so that even the most fragile patients can have tolerable treatment options.

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The company’s lead candidate is prexigebersen (Liposomal Grb2 Antisense), formerly BP1001, for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Prexigebersen is being assessed in a Phase 2 trial in combination with front-line therapy.

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Our Patients

Prognosis for these older cancer patients remains very poor. Bio-Path aims to meet the need that exists for non-toxic therapies for older, fragile cancer patients who are unfit or ineligible for high-dose chemotherapy.

Our Products

Our pipeline consists of antisense RNAi nanoparticle drugs in clinical development for some of the most lethal blood cancers and solid tumors.

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Delivering a Better Path for Cancer Patients.